Possible Impact on Young People

Impact on Young People

The impact on young people can be wide ranging a varied depending on other risk and protective factors in the family. The impact on the young person can be manifested physically, emotionally or behaviorally. Some examples include:

•Disorganised routines may lead to children missing meals, being late for school or inadequate


• Parents may prioritise alcohol leading to not being emotionally or physically available for their

children or a lack of money

• Alcohol misuse may increase the likelihood of other problems such as domestic violence or

mental health issues

However, the internal world of a child living with addiction creates a blueprint of what they can expect for others and alters and develops their core beliefs as they grow up. Some of these core beliefs include:

  • Adults won’t provide for mecomputer
  • I can’t expect love or warmth
  • I have to monitor people’s moods very closely
  • Things usually go badly
  • I can’t trust adults to be fair, reasonable or consistent
  • Things are entirely my fault or totally out of my control

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