Impact On Young People

Misuse of Alcohol

Any misuse of alcohol can have a have a negative effect on your family, particularly children. Often when young people are growing up in families where alcohol is a problem the young person is deprived of the boundaries, guidance and support that they need. The impact can be seen through how a young person feels, thinks and acts. It differs from child to child but a list of the most common impacts are listed below.

Often young people feel alone, they have a huge burden to carry and often feel that they have to carry it on their own.

Young people struggle to understand why their parents continue to drink despite the harm it causes.

Young people worry about the impact alcohol will have on their parent’s health, while many young people are concerned that their mum or dad is going to die.

Young people who live with parents who use alcohol are also more likely to use alcohol themselves.

A parent’s use of alcohol can have a lasting impact on young people. How a young person is affected varies from child to child, however research suggests that common impacts are:

– An Overdeveloped sense of responsibility – especially the young person feeling responsible for the parent’s drinking, or taking on a caring role.
– Feelings of guilt
– Inability to relax/have fun
– Tendency to confuse love and pity
– Fear of abandonment
– Tendency towards physical and stress related complaints
– Tendency to react rather than act