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Please complete the following table about your work with the young person – remember to add your email address to send a copy to yourself for future records.
(you can fill out the form below or feel free to download this sheet or write any additional information that you feel is useful or important)

  1. Nature of contact: write if you saw the young person face to face for individual work, or whether your contact was by phone (including SMS [text message]) or e-mail.
  2. Nature of contact: please also add the length of session or other contact that you had with the young person.
  3. Summary of contact: write which aspect of the intervention you covered (e.g. assessment, Step 1, Step 4, review) or whether your contact was for another reason (e.g. YP made contact, emergency/crisis, you initiated contact to remind about an appointment or for another reason).  Please summarise the key aims and outcomes for each session (or contact that you had with the young person).

Click this icon to download the work form as a pdf file.



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